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INSEE MASCOT : The character design that is representative the young generation in the company, Mascot for project Knowledge management (KM).
Mascot and character design for SCCC. 

Follow Me OK ?
Follow Me OK is…Memories of childhood that is mother always told me… How to pass a bad thing in life? 
I would like to give the readers feel in a variety and show the level of emotions and I think you will enjoy together…. Please Follow me…OK? 

PTT Group Character
Character design for PTT Group. 
Character design that is representative of the professional career in PTT Group. Design in the Lego theme. Singhato Studio working with Microsoft (Thailand).

isThe story of 2 young soldiers as buddy in EOD Unit (the explosive ordnance disposal of military).
Working in the risky areas, where their lives are hanging by a thread, whereas even more trust, makes their friendship so strong, 
Especially in a moment of will be survived or will die. The communication all the time is the most important thing and it must not be lost. 

Erica : Erisson (Thailand)
Character design for Ericsson (Thailand). Her name is Erica. Asia women look. She is a new generation with intelligent and optimistic in Year 2000. 

7 Quotients for International School
Character design 7 Quotients for International school. 7 Quotients design are..

AQ = Adversity Quotient.
CQ = Creative Quotient.
EQ = Emotional Quotient.
IQ = Intelligence Quotient.
MQ = Moral Quotient.
PQ = Play Quotient.
SQ = Social Quotient


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