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Château de versailles, The place which we would like to visit once. Here beautiful beyond description and beautiful in all 360 degrees.

Hello everyone, Today I will be a guided tour of art in Château de versailles in the view of singhato studio. 

Starting from the architecture to the interior decoration, all paintings, all sculptures, the garden and everything here

When leaving from railway station and must walk along the approximately 500 meters. Which on the way through, you will see the beautiful buildings on both sides of the road.


Château de versailles is a beautiful palace in the world and was the residence of the kings of France Louis XIV, Louis XV and  Louis XVI.

Royal courtyard of the palace of Versailles there is a statue of king france Louis XIV.Our team met a large metal sculpture that show here, the arches sculptés by Bernard Venet (2011, September)

The entrance will meet with the golden graceful gate.
The area in front of the palace

The building was closed for renovation and have canvas cover very well which pattern on the canvas which is the image of the Palace (considered to be attentive in detail as well Even as construction). The right of below picture.

Outside of the palace paved with stones. Which is not suitable for high heels. I recommend wear sneakers are better.
Before entering the inside must pass inspection baggage and x-ray. Admission 15 EUR.
Elegance at first found inside the building.
Elegant balcony (long and wide) is filled with sculptures that are in acting of respect.
Artists expressing creativity through the art work which insinuate the ideas to the next generation to feel in the spirit of the people in that era as well.
Many sculptures several postures

The second floor has exhibition oil paintings and there are areas where exhibitions for show the face of artist also.

These paintings of the important people in that era and below picture is the painting landscape of Chateau de Versailles in the renaissance period.

Bedroom of queen marie antoinette that has excellent condition and also beautiful. It has been maintained well and there is gateway for Louis anytime.

The best corner for see the garden in the palace of Versailles. Looking down from the Maria’s room. You can see the garden as invisibly.
Souvenir shop before entering the hall of mirrors. So cute a clock, shoes, notebooks, calculators. King doll approx each 500 Baht (exchange rate year 2011 in 42 baht to 1 euro).

Galerie des glaces or the hall of mirrors.

Many beautiful paintings and impressive.
The paintings here are beautiful and outstanding like another museums in France. 
Each painting has a large size (Compared with the proportion of visitors).
หมายเหตุ : ภาพนี้ประทับใจมาก เฉพาะพระราชวังแวร์ซายส์ก็มีความสวยงามมากอยู่แล้ว และงานศิลปที่นั่นก็ไม่แพ้พิพิฑภัณฑ์ไหนที่ฝรั่งเศสเลยคะ

The ceiling of the palace is very high and supremely beautiful.

The paintings here are often displayed in the story about the wars through excellent skills of artists, They show of emotion of pictures, which then I amenable and sad.
There are pictures of horses in the war also. 

Conclusion :Here are so beautiful beyond description, beautiful in all 360 degrees and we just hope this world there will be no more war.

♡ Hope you enjoy and Thank you very much! ♡ 
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♡ All photos by Apisit Soontornmitrapab at Singhato Studio.
♡ Author by Pratyumon Soontornmitrapab at Singhato Studio.
♡ Date 30 September 2011

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