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Paris is a very luxury city, beautiful city and well organize. Here the rich of fun and creative all things even the underground.

Year 2011, September. 
The design of the metro entrance at Paris are different and absolutely perfect. They vary according to the surroundings and time.

The picture at below is the entrance to the metro nowadays (Gare du Musée d’Orsay).

The picture on the left is the metro in vintage style, at Abbesses station at the Montmartre district, an area of famous artists such as Van Gogh, Gauguin etc.
Interior design inside the metro (Cite station), So beautiful.
Friendly guy smiled at me or would he liked me?.
Metro ticket hall and platforms.

The station as a connected point such as Chatelet station often have performance to show and play. This day have to showing Orchestra Band. Good songs. Paris is a city of art, listen the musics and touch the art.

Inside the Metro not only beautiful from architecture, there are many advertising and visual communication which interested similar galley art.

Big Campaign about the etiquette in the metro in the year 2011.

Qui paresse aux heures de pointe risque 2 au 3 plaintes. should be share the seats to other people, Bad-mannered. The sloth is representative about this.
Don’t jump the gates to avoid paying the fares. The frog is representative about this.
Don’t talk on the phone on public transport. The hen is representative about this.
Oui jette chewing gum a la poubelle en aura moins sous les semelles. Chewing gum should be left in the trash. The deer is representative about this.
Oui bouscule personnes en montant ne partira pas plus vite pour autant. The bull is representative about this. 

Many advertising and visual communication.
Posters and billboards in the year 2011.
All posters and billboards in the year 2011.
At the metro (Concorde station).
Posters and billboards in the year 2011.

These works through to good process of ideas. You might be get in touch an aesthetics art in the style of the commercial art.

Tips to use the Paris metro (subway).

* You have to open the door of the train by yourself, because it is not automatic open.

* Abbesses station has a very large elevator and big doors 3 sides. Suggest should not lean against the door because it may open when you are not careful. 🙂

Conclusion : Paris is a true city of art.

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Thank you very much for reading to this line 🙂 Singhato Studio

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♡ All photos by Apisit Soontornmitrapab at Singhato Studio.
♡ Author by Pratyumon Soontornmitrapab at Singhato Studio.
♡ Date 30 September 2011

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